"The Recording is the Performance".......
A private command performance for each and every listener!

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Love Loving Itself ~ Sacred Sound ~ Sagapo Mahal

Through the sacred sounds of inspired music, Sagapo Mahal puts the listener in touch with divinity. Within the portal of the soul, the spirit flows into understanding of itself. The music of Sagapo Mahal emerges within you, awakening the awareness of enlightenment - humanity's eternal birthright.

Sagapo ~ I love you (Greek)
Mahal ~ love (Filipino)

"I Love You Love" is the definition of the Sagapo Mahal record label and the defining principle of All That Is. It is love loving itself as infinite love. It is this capacity to love that unites all human hearts.

Our intention is to bring you music that not only uplifts your physical presence, but also floods the doors to your soul with harmony and tranquility. Through divinely inspired notes of sound, you experience love loving itself through you.

The harmonics underlying all life merges the spiritual and the physical. It makes that which appears invisible - visible to your ear. Coherent waves of bliss transcend the purely human experience lifting you into awareness of your divinity.

Spiritual music resonates within human divinity

Sagapo Mahal Inc. Is the Independent and exclusive Record Label of Composer and Pianist Jamie Mitges.

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I Am Music
Why do I compose music? Why do I play? Why am I a "musician" ~ one who creates sound?

The word "music" comes from the Greek mousiks - the art of the Muse. This is why I compose - because the art of my soul (the birthing of the Muse) expresses most directly through the sacredness of sound.

The Muse is the source of inspiration, the breath of inner knowing stemming from direct contact within the divine. From the source of all being comes the flow of the musical fragrance which uplifts and vitalizes the spirit. As you listen to the notes I play, as you resonate within the current offered to you through each composition, you spontaneously ascend with the realm of all creation.

I create sacred melody because I am the sound you hear. In the Oneness we share, heart to heart, we coalesce within the emerging frequencies freeing ourselves to experience divine communion.

This is why I compose and play ~ because I am music...... and the music that I am honors the music of the All . . . WE ARE ONE."

And then there is this:
As a boy in Guelph, Ontario in the 1960s, Jamie would sit on his grandmother's knee, mesmerized as her concert pianist's fingers flew over the keys. At age six, Jamie was playing the piano and steeped in his parents' classical, blues and jazz albums. Some of his childhood heroes were Louis Armstrong, Glen Miller and Count Basie.

Jamie's love affair with the saxophone began in his early teens. On a car trip during the summer of 1975, Jamie heard Sanborn on the radio playing James Taylor's "How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved by You)." Jamie decided he wanted to play like that.

At 17, Jamie became a student of Juno-award winning Pat LaBarbera, one of the finest saxophone players in the world. (Pat was lead tenor saxophone soloist in Buddy Rich's band for many years.)

As Jamie's proficiency grew, his style became increasingly resonant of the old masters like Zoot Sims, Stan Getz and Ben Webster. By 18, Jamie was playing with prominent musicians in local jazz hotspots.

Inspired by Paul Desmond Quartet's 1975 Live album which featured Canadian jazz giants Ed Bickert and Don Thompson, Jamie recorded Jamie Mitges and the Jazz Legends. The result was a classic old-style jazz album that also featured Bickert (guitar) and Thompson (bass), as well Joe LaBarbera (drums) and Peter Appleyard (vibes).

Jamie went on to express different sides of his musical talent with Density (1997) and Boptronica (2000), both of which were met with enthusiasm by the jazz community.

Although Jamie's proficiency with both the saxophone and piano allowed him to alternate between the two, in 1995 he was diagnosed with arthritis and fibromyalgia. Unfortunately, Jamie had to give up the sax, but he continues to play piano with passion and verve.

March 2012 is the release of "A Gift of Love" Jamie's first Solo Piano CD. Jamie composed eleven of the twelve compositions and the music is relaxing and very spiritual.

Jamie is in studio composing and recording his latest solo piano CD to be released later in 2012. Namaste